Tips for taking a long-term trip with kids

Tips for taking a long-term trip with kids

Ever dream of quitting work, renting out the family home and taking off to explore the world long-term? Ita��s a step that plenty of parents would love to take but the thought of planning such a mammoth trip can be daunting a�� especially when it takes all your energy just to get the kids out the door.

Ita��s easier than you think. Determined to make your family travel dream a reality? Herea��s our guide to the basics.

Make the decision and stick to it

There are positives and negatives to a round-the-world trip with kids at any age: travelling with babies or toddlers is cheaper a�� and therea��s no school to worry about a�� but theya��re unlikely to remember much about the trip; older children will form longer-lasting memories but youa��ll need to keep up with their studies; and while teenagers can handle more intrepid undertakings, close friendships and looming exams may mean theya��ll take more convincing.

Worry too much about the a�?righta�� time to go and you might never take the plunge. Just choose a date and get planning. You wona��t regret it.

Choose a travel style to suit your family

While travelling with babies and toddlers needna��t preclude adventurous travel, some destinations a�� Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, for example a�� are more tot-friendly than others. With older children and teenagers you could explore more challenging options such as a camping safari in the African bushA�or hiking in the Himalayas.

Dona��t forget: a round-the-world adventure needna��t involve a multi-stop plane ticket and a backpack; travelling overland in a campervan is a fun and flexible way to travel, or you could even try cycling across a continent or navigating the oceans in a sailboat…

Stay healthy on the road

Looking after your familya��s health is of course a top priority. Before you go, arrange the requisite vaccinations and antimalarials in plenty of time, and remember that some jabs (eg typhoid) cana��t be given before a certain age. Carry a good first aid kit and discuss in advance what to do in an emergency; comprehensive travel insurance is a must.

While it pays to be prepared, with all the fresh air and exercise youa��ll likely be getting on the road, plus new, varied foods and plenty of mood-boosting family time, chances are youa��ll all be healthier than ever while youa��re away.

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